Diggles, The Myth of Fenris, is a PC game developed by Innonics and published by Strategy First on Sept 21, 2001.


Summary from the back of the games box. "Godfather Odin has asked the Diggles to Set out on an adventure to the center of the earth to retrieve his pet, Fenris, the hound of Hell. Since he became aware of his growing power and strength Fenris has been terrifying the underground world. Fenris ran away from Odin and now its up to the Diggles to forge a special chain and to disarm Fenris."


From the games box

  • Dynamic underground world with realistic cave structure based on laws of physics
  • Campaign features 4 different huge worlds with more than 100 quests
  • Journey through 5 historic ages. From stone age to the future
  • Player teaches the Dwarves. Cares for them and provides food
  • Unique 3d perspective allows multiple angle view of dwarves
  • Each diggle has unique character traits (ranging from stubborn to hard-working to cuddly)
  • 100 different work and leisure activities for your diggles
  • Complex and thrillong non-linear story

ESRB RatingEdit

Rated T for teen (13+)

  • Blood
  • Comic mischief
  • Mild Violence
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